114 Elliotsville Road, Farmington, PA 15437


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Fire Department
for Wharton Township, PA

Farmington Volunteer Fire Department
119 Elliotsville Road
P.O. Box 251
Farmington, PA 15437
Non-Emergency: 724-329-5513
Emergency: 911

History of the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department

The Farmington Fire Department was formed shortly after January 1, 1947 due to the loss of valuable property at a structure fire along Route 40. With the closest Fire Department several miles away, and roads covered with ice and snow, the house fire got out of control.  The fire was a frequent topic of discussion amongst mountain residents.

Charles Gorley donated $200 toward the start of a fire department. A meeting was held at the Wharton Township Hunting & Fishing Club on February 13, 1947. Thirteen men were present and all agreed to form the Farmington Fire Department. Harvey Van Sickle was named President, and Thomas Parnell was named Fire Chief. Since it was Charles Gorley who got the department started, he was made an honorary member.

On July 15, 1947, twenty-two names of those who registered as volunteer firemen were written on the charter. Not much later, that number grew to 90 volunteer firemen.

The first firefighting equipment consisted of a Gorman-Rupp fire pump, 200 feet of 1.5” hose, and 2 sections of hard suction. Two small trailers were purchased: one to haul the pump and hose, the other to haul 250 gallons of water. Each driver installed a hitch on the back of his vehicle to haul a trailer.

On September 15, 1947, Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Rush donated a 60’ x 175’ lot, on which the men constructed a 30’ x 60’ building. In 1978, an additional 40’ x 120’ truck bay was added.

The current fleet consists of five vehicles, plus a 12’ Haz-Mat trailer, and has 60 active and 25 contributing members.