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ISO Rating Letter
for Wharton Township, PA

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) was established in 1971. The ISO has been providing information services and business ideas on ways to measure, manage and reduce risk. The company is a principal source of information for insurance companies and provides comprehensive data, technical services, policy language, fraud-identification tools, underwriting, statistical and decision-support services to numerous entities such as the federal government, insurance industry regulators, and public- and private-sector customers. (Information taken from “What Does ISO Stand for in Insurance?” by Julie Davoren, Demand Media)

The ISO performed a Public Protection Classification Survey in Wharton Township. The new Public Protection Classification for Wharton Township is a 05/5X and will be effective as of November 01, 2015. The link below is a copy of the letter received from the ISO. This information may be beneficial during your insurance renewal process. Should you have any questions about this information and whether it will be beneficial to you, contact your insurance provider.

Feel free to print this letter and give it to your insurance agent. It may or may not help you save money on your insurance premium. Additional rules or regulations may apply. Call your insurance agent for more details.